About Us


Mr Okeke Igweoba is the MD/CEO of Anamwest Electrical Company Nigeria Limited.

For over 13years we have consistently provided the most reliable electrical products and after sales services to our innumerable customers within and outside Nigeria.

 Anamwest since 2002 has been successful in building an unquestionable reputation in the delivery of original electrical product such as:

  1. Armored cabled wires (4 core and single core/all size)
  2. Aluminum conductors (all size).
  3. Reclines (all size).
  4. Distribution Boards (all size).
  5. Transformers (33kv and 11kv/ all size).
  6. Single wires (all size).
  7. Flat cables (all size).
  8. Fittings (all size).
  9. Wall Brackets (all size).
  10. Chandeliers (all size)
  11. Olympias (all size).
  12. PVC Pipes(all size).
  13. Boxes (all size)
  14. May bush and Couplings (all sizes).
  15. Sockets and switches (all sizes).
  16. 3 by 3 and 3 by 6 Boxes.
  17. Energy Saving bulbs (all type).
  18. Incandescent bulbs (all types).
  19. Panel (all sizes).
  20. Ceiling Fans (all types).
  21. Fence Fittings.
  22. Lamp-holders (all sizes).

Kindly please check our product photos to verify and ascertain all the product listed above and much more.

We look forward to doing a mutually rewarding business with you or your organization. We guarantee you, you will not regret doing business with us.

Thank you for your patronage.